Quote1.png As you can see, the Armored Titan is one that specializes in hardening abilities. One slam from that body should be able to destroy both 城牆 and gates. Quote2.png
— A 瑪雷an analysis of Reiner's Armored Titan[2]


全身多處覆蓋硬化的組織,就如同穿了盔甲般的巨人,主要攻擊模式為衝撞,擁有撞破城門的爆發力。 跟亞妮的女巨人型態不同。平常狀況下全身就包覆著鎧甲,但並不笨重,立體機動裝置及炮擊幾乎毫無作用。再加上萊納本身也是對人格鬥術高手,因此形成非常可怕的戰鬥力。在進行衝刺及擒抱的時候會脫落膝蓋背面的鎧甲,藉此爆發出驚人的速度及破壞力,但也因為此時膝蓋背面沒有防備而成了一大弱點


能力[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Armored skin[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Mikasa fails to break through the Armored Titan's hardened skin

The defining feature of the Armored Titan is the all-encompassing layer of plated, armor-like segments of hardened skin protecting the 巨人 body. This armor is capable of protecting the Titan form from significant amounts of damage, even a direct hit from a cannon or the ultrahard steel blades of 立體機動裝置.[3] However, the armor has some limitations and is not capable of protecting the user from high-power weaponry such as the Mid-East Allied Forces' anti-Titan artillery.[4]

One disadvantage of the Armored Titan's skin is the decreased speed of the Titan form. Whether due to increased weight or restrained movement, the Armored Titan is only capable of maintaining moderate running speeds when completely armored.[5] This can be alleviated if the user chooses to shed segments of the armor to increase movement capability, such as the armor behind the knees, enabling the Titan to move with incredible speed.[6]

歷史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

The Armored Titan breached Wall Maria

The Armored Titan, like all the 九大巨人, was brought into the world after the death of 尤米爾·弗利茲.[7] In the 1,700 years following her death, the Armored Titan was held in the possession of one or several of the warring 艾爾迪亞n houses subservient to the 始祖巨人. After these seventeen centuries when Karl Fritz, the 145th King of the Fritz family, abandoned the conflicts of Eldia and relocated to 帕拉迪島, the Armored Titan was taken by the nation of 瑪雷 during the 巨人之戰.[8][9]

In the year 843, 萊納·布朗 was chosen to inherit the power of the Armored Titan. He would later make use of his Titan form in a war between Marley and an enemy nation, using his Armored Titan to take the brunt of enemy artillery fire.[10]

In the year 845, the nation of Marley sent out Reiner, 貝爾托特·胡佛, 亞妮·雷恩哈特, and Marcel Galliard across the ocean to the island of Paradis as the start of the Paradis Island Operation.[11] After arriving on the island and venturing northwards to the 城牆, Reiner entered into Shiganshina District, the southernmost territory of 艾爾迪亞, after Bertolt destroyed the south gate with his 超大型巨人. As panicked Eldians fled the city while Titans swarmed in, Reiner's Armored Titan advanced to the north gate and charged it, breaking through and breaching the northern part of Wall Maria.[12] Reiner joined his fellow surviving Warriors in entering the walled territory during the chaos, and he would not use the Armored Titan for another five years.[13]

故事[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Battle of Trost District arc[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Five years after the fall of Wall Maria, the Warriors of 瑪雷 learn of 艾連·葉卡's possession of the 進擊的巨人. Believing that he may be the current holder of the 始祖巨人 that they are searching for, Reiner does not use his Armored Titan to breach Wall Rose's northern gate after 貝爾托特·胡佛 breaches the southern gate of Trost District with his 超大型巨人. Instead, the Warriors turn their full attention to Eren.[14]

Clash of the Titans arc[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

The Attack Titan's first battle with the Armored Titan

Over a month later, Reiner reaches a breaking point and chooses to reveal his nature as the Armored Titan as well as Bertolt's nature as the Colossus Titan to Eren, promising to leave the people of the 城牆 alone if he returns with them to their hometown.[15] When Eren refuses and Mikasa attacks the two Warriors, Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan and grabs Eren. However, Eren in turn transforms into the Attack Titan and battles with Reiner.[16]

Despite improvements to his control over the Attack Titan, the Armored Titan overpowers him initially until Eren makes use of a technique that was taught to him by 亞妮·雷恩哈特 some time ago, taking one of the Armored Titan's arms before retreating temporarily.[17] Requiring more speed, Reiner begins shedding the armor behind his knees and continues his attack on Eren, but he is nonetheless overpowered by the Attack Titan again. With defeat imminent, Reiner calls for Bertolt's Colossus Titan, which falls on the two Titans in an explosive burst of steam.[18][19] The Armored Titan is able to withstand the intense winds and bites Eren out of the Attack Titan.[20] Once Bertolt exits his Titan with a captive Ymir, the Warriors escape to the nearby Titan Forest.[21]

The Armored Titan is swarmed

After some conversation in the forest, the Warriors start their retreat upon seeing signal flares from the [[[調查軍團]] approaching. Reiner uses his Armored Titan to carry Bertolt and their captives away, and the Survey Corps pursues them. The Armored Titan's retreat goes unhindered until Commander 艾爾文·史密斯 charges the Titan head-on with a horde of mindless 巨人s following after him.[22] The Armored Titan attempts to fight back against the Titans, and the Warriors lose Eren to the Survey Corps in the moment of vulnerability. Shortly afterward, Eren succeeds in temporarily using the Founding Titan, causing the Titans to swarm after the Warriors. The Armored Titan flees with Bertolt and Ymir, and they rest in the ruins of Shiganshina District.[23]

The Uprising arc[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

The Armored Titan is defeated by the Beast Titan

Some time later, Reiner's Armored Titan battles 吉克·葉卡's 野獸巨人 over their next course of action. The Armored Titan is soundly defeated in the brawl, and Zeke states that they will wait in Shiganshina for the arrival of the Survey Corps rather than attempting to rescue 亞妮·雷恩哈特, the 女巨人.[24]

Return to Shiganshina arc[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Three months after the battle of Trost District, the Survey Corps arrive in Shiganshina and seal the southern breach using a new hardening ability acquired by the Attack Titan.[25] Suspecting that the Warriors may be nearby, 阿爾敏·亞魯雷特 proposes a search of the Wall and Reiner is found hiding within. As he is attacked by Captain 里維, Reiner uses one of his last-resort Titan powers to transfer his brain functions to the entirety of his body long enough for him to transform into the Armored Titan.[26] As the battle of Shiganshina District begins, Reiner hardens his fingers to climb Wall Maria in order to attack the Survey Corps' horses.[27][28] However, Eren's Attack Titan appears in the city and Reiner is left with a choice of attack. Reiner chooses to confront Eren,[29] and the Attack Titan battles with the Armored Titan for a second time.[30]

The Attack Titan battles the Armored Titan a second time

Eren's new ability to harden the Attack Titan's skin successfully deals heavy damage to the Armored Titan,[31] but the greatest damage is dealt from the Thunder Spears, a new explosive weapon developed by the Survey Corps in recent months. The explosives tear through the armor of Reiner's nape and destroy his brain,[32][33] though his consciousness transfer once again keeps him alive.[34] The Armored Titan calls for plan B, the Colossus Titan, and shortly thereafter Bertolt arrives at Reiner's side, telling him to lie down on his back for the time being.[35]

Mikasa defeats the Armored Titan

While Bertolt confronts the Survey Corps, Reiner follows Bertolt's advice and the Armored Titan lies down on its back, protecting Reiner from further harm and allowing for him to regenerate his body.[36] A short while later, Reiner fully heals his brain and the Armored Titan returns to the fight, but with no memory of any events that had occurred since earlier that morning.[37] The Survey Corps attacks Reiner with the Thunder Spears again, incapacitating it and successfully bursting Reiner from the nape of the Armored Titan.[38] Reiner is interrogated afterward,[39] but before he can be killed he is rescued by Zeke and 皮克's 車力巨人, who brings him atop Wall Maria.[40] The Warriors would return to Marley afterward, abandoning Annie and Bertolt.

Marley arc[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

The Armored Titan assaults Fort Slava

Four years later, Reiner is present at the battle of Fort Slava at the climax of the Marley Mid-East War, waiting on standby in a zeppelin due to the presence of anti-Titan artillery on the ground below.[41] Once the ground infantry succeed in destroying the armored train carrying the artillery around the fortress,[42] Reiner eventually joins the combat as the Armored Titan after a Titan airstrike sent down with the power of Zeke's Beast Titan. Alongside Porco Galliard's 顎巨人, the Armored Titan decimates the anti-Titan artillery set up on the walls of the fortress.[43] When the coast is clear, Reiner's Titan signals for the Beast Titan to join the battle, where it throws spare artillery at the Mid-East Allied Forces' navy stationed in the bay nearby. However, when the ships begin to open fire on the Beast Titan, Reiner uses his Armored Titan as a shield for Zeke, receiving devastating damage in the process.[44] Despite having lost his entire body below the head in the explosion, Reiner later recovered.[45]

One month later during 威利·戴巴's speech in 雷貝里歐, 法爾可‧葛萊斯 takes Reiner to a basement behind the stage, where he meets 艾連·葉卡 for the first time in four years.[46] After Eren sets aside their differences and clarifies that Reiner is not his true enemy, he takes Reiner's hand and begins to transform.[47] In a state of panic, Reiner bites his hand to transform and protect Falco. He creates two armored hands that successfully shield the two of them from the energy blast and resulting wreckage. Reiner is unconscious following the attack and his injuries do not regenerate. Falco suspects this is due to Reiner having lost the will to live.[48]

The Armored Titan without its namesake armor

As the Survey Corps and Warriors battle in Liberio, Falco and 賈碧‧布朗 cry out for Reiner to save Galliard's Jaw Titan, which is about to be eaten by Eren's 進擊的巨人. Reiner reluctantly wakes up and transforms into an incomplete Armored Titan, which is missing much of its namesake armor. The Armored Titan manages to free the Jaw Titan, but is unable to stand again after the Attack Titan punches it across the plaza.[49]

Armored Titans[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Current[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


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